JANSSEN CONNECT® and JANSSEN CONNECT® ACCESS & CARE TRANSITIONS provides locally based informational resources to help patients living with schizophrenia start and stay on therapy after a Janssen long-acting injectable atypical antipsychotic has been determined by a healthcare professional to be the most clinically appropriate treatment option.

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Information and assistance (eg, information regarding access and reimbursement, the inpatient/outpatient appointment gap, and the follow-through of healthcare professional (“HCP”)–ordered treatment plans are provided by United BioSource Corporation (“UBC”), under contract for Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (“JPI”).

A Patient Enrollment Form, with sections completed for requested information regarding assistance, must be submitted to UBC by the HCP in order to activate any JANSSEN CONNECT® ACCESS & CARE TRANSITIONS assistance. No other forms for request for access to JANSSEN CONNECT® ACCESS & CARE TRANSITIONS will be accepted. Assistance cannot be directly requested by the patient. JANSSEN CONNECT® ACCESS & CARE TRANSITIONS is not available to patients participating in a Patient Assistance Program. The availability of information and assistance may vary based on geography.

UBC provides information to HCPs regarding whether the treatment is covered by the applicable third-party payer, based on the payer’s coverage guidelines and the patient information provided by the HCP. This information and assistance are made available as a convenience to patients, and there is no requirement that patients or HCPs use any JPI or other Johnson & Johnson product in exchange for this information or assistance.

Third-party reimbursement is affected by many factors. This document and the information and assistance provided by JANSSEN CONNECT® ACCESS & CARE TRANSITIONS are presented for informational purposes only. They do not constitute reimbursement or legal advice. JANSSEN CONNECT® ACCESS & CARE TRANSITIONS does not promise or guarantee coverage, levels of reimbursement, or payment.

Similarly, all CPT* and HCPCS codes are supplied for informational purposes only and represent no statement, promise, or guarantee, expressed or implied, by JPI or UBC that these codes will be appropriate or that reimbursement will be made. The fact that a drug, device, procedure, or service is assigned an HCPCS code and a payment rate does not imply coverage by the Medicare program, but indicates only how the product, procedure, or service may be paid if covered by the Medicare program.

Laws, regulations, and policies concerning reimbursement are complex and are updated frequently. Accordingly, the information may not be current or comprehensive. JPI and UBC strongly recommend you consult your payer for its most current coverage, reimbursement, and coding policies. UBC and JPI make no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the information provided. In no event shall UBC or JPI, or their employees or agents, be liable for any damages resulting from or relating to any information provided by, or accessed to or through, JANSSEN CONNECT® ACCESS & CARE TRANSITIONS. All HCPs and other users of this information agree that they accept responsibility for the use of this program.

JPI assumes no responsibility for and does not guarantee the quality, scope, or availability of the information and assistance provided (eg, information regarding access and reimbursement, the inpatient/outpatient appointment gap, and the follow-through of the HCP–ordered treatment plans). UBC, not JPI, is responsible for the information and assistance it provides under this program. Each HCP and patient is responsible for verifying or confirming any information provided by UBC or JPI. All claims and other submissions to payers should be in compliance with all applicable requirements.

Analytics (eg, data points or statistics about the program), if provided, are as of the date noted and may not be representative of future analytics or your patients or practice. Please consider appropriate use of JANSSEN CONNECT® ACCESS & CARE TRANSITIONS information and assistance in light of your practice and individual patients’ clinical needs and applicable payer requirements.

*CPT=Current Procedural Terminology, copyright of the American Medical Association, 2011.

HCPCS=Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System.