Real Experiences From INVEGA TRINZA® Patients

Watch as Tanara shares her experience after being diagnosed with schizophrenia

Tanara wanted to pursue her longer-term treatment goals.

“Being a peer support specialist has been the most rewarding thing I have achieved.” —Tanara, age 31
  • Tanara was doing well on INVEGA SUSTENNA® (paliperidone palmitate) but was interested in 3 months of schizophrenia symptom control with 1 dose
  • She started taking INVEGA TRINZA® in 2016
  • Tanara believes her symptom control has helped her move forward toward her treatment goals
  • She is working as a peer support specialist at a clinic helping others with schizophrenia, and looks forward to pursuing her interests in music or fashion

See Justin’s treatment journey

Justin wanted a longer time between doses.

“Having 3 months of control for me means that when that mood comes and I feel like painting, I can just dive right into it.” — Justin, age 30
  • Justin was stabilized on INVEGA SUSTENNA® but wanted to have more time between doses of medication
  • INVEGA TRINZA® was suggested by his physician and they discussed risks and benefits
  • Justin takes medication regularly and believes treatment team meetings are more productive
  • Justin is taking art classes at college and works part time

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