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Building on the Stability You’ve Achieved

You've come a long way since your patient has been adequately treated with INVEGA SUSTENNA® for at least 4 months.*

  • Removed the need to take daily oral schizophrenia medication
  • Established consistent medication adherence
  • Achieved consistent schizophrenia symptom control
  • Ready to pursue long-term treatment goals with less-frequent dosing
Now, you can focus less time on medication adherence and more time on treatment goals.
*With the last 2 doses being the same.

Actor Portrayal

Actor Portrayal

Clinical Guidance Supports Earlier Use of LAIs in Adults With Schizophrenia1

The National Council for Mental Wellbeing supports the safe and effective use of LAIs by encouraging mental healthcare professionals to utilize LAIs as an earlier treatment option.

†Formerly known as the National Council for Behavioral Health.
LAI=long acting injectable.

INVEGA TRINZA® Has Demonstrated Longer Time to Relapse vs Placebo, and Noninferiority with INVEGA SUSTENNA®2-4


A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, long-term maintenance study compared 3-month INVEGA TRINZA® with placebo2,3


A noninferiority study

INVEGA TRINZA® has Demonstrated Symptomatic Remission and Goal Attainment Among Clinically Stable Adults5,6


An international, open-label study examined symptomatic remission and goal attainment with INVEGA TRINZA®5,6

One Dose of INVEGA TRINZA® Delivers 3 Months of Sustained Plasma Concentration2,7


Due to the difference in median pharmacokinetic profiles between the 2 products (INVEGA TRINZA® and INVEGA SUSTENNA®), caution should be exercised when making a direct comparison of their pharmacokinetic properties.

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Actor Portrayal

Would your adult patient benefit from 3 months of symptom control?

The Formulation of INVEGA TRINZA® Allows for Gradual Release of the Medicine2

INVEGA TRINZA® 3-Month Formulation2,8


A Retrospective Real-world Claims Analysis Showed Most Schizophrenia Patients Returned for Treatment9

After treatment with INVEGA SUSTENNA® for at least 4 months, the majority of adult schizophrenia patients who were transitioned to INVEGA TRINZA® per label* returned for treatment


Based on a retrospective cohort analysis of pharmacy and medical claims data, of adult patients with schizophrenia (n=1603), from the Symphony Health Solutions (SHS) database from May 2014 to September 2016. First data on patient claims for INVEGA TRINZA® were from July 2015.

  • Claims databases such as SHS are subject to billing inaccuracies and missing data
  • Data are real-world usage patterns only; there are no associated clinical/economic outcomes
  • Findings are based on medication dispensed date, not administration of medication

Patient claims data

Symphony Health, a robust open-source database, captures prescription information for more than 280 million patients. The database does not capture services received outside of the Symphony Health network.10

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