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INVEGA TRINZA® (paliperidone palmitate) Missed Doses | HCP

What to Do if Your Patient Misses an INVEGA TRINZA® Dose

Time Since Last Injection1

  • Early or late by 2 weeks: Patients may be given the injection ±2 weeks from their scheduled 3-month dose
  • Longer than 3½ months, but less than 4 months: Previous dose should be administered as soon as possible, then continue with 3-month injections
  • 4 months up to and including 9 months: Do not administer the next dose, instead use the reinitiation table below
  • Longer than 9 months: Reinitiate treatment with INVEGA SUSTENNA® (paliperidone palmitate) per its Prescribing Information. INVEGA TRINZA® can be resumed after >4 monthly INVEGA SUSTENNA® treatments

Reinitiation Regimen After Missing 4 Months to 9 Months of INVEGA TRINZA®


Arrows illustrate reinitiation regimen of INVEGA SUSTENNA® after missing 4 months to 9 months of INVEGA TRINZA®.

Missing antipsychotic doses should be avoided.1

Switching Back to INVEGA SUSTENNA®, if Needed

When switching patients from INVEGA TRINZA® back to INVEGA SUSTENNA®, INVEGA SUSTENNA® should be administered at the time of the next INVEGA TRINZA® dose using the equivalent 3.5-fold lower dose as shownin this table.1

INVEGA SUSTENNA® should then continue to be dosed at monthly intervals.1



Arrows illustrate the corresponding dose conversion from INVEGA TRINZA® to INVEGA SUSTENNA®.

*The initiation dosing as described in the Prescribing Information for INVEGA SUSTENNA® is not required.

Switching to Paliperidone Extended-Release Tablets, if Needed

When switching from INVEGA TRINZA® to paliperidone extended-release tablets, INVEGA® (paliperidone), the daily dose of paliperidone extended-release tablets should be started 3 months after the last INVEGA TRINZA® dose and administered over the next several months after the last INVEGA TRINZA® dose as shown in this table.1

Conversion from INVEGA TRINZA® to once-daily INVEGA®1


Arrows illustrate the corresponding dose conversion from INVEGA TRINZA® to paliperidone extended-release tablets.

Dosing Guide

Download the full Dosing and Administration Guide


Reference: 1. INVEGA TRINZA® [Prescribing Information]. Titusville, NJ: Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; August 2021.