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INVEGA TRINZA® Injection Prep and Administration | HCP

Instructions for Preparing an INVEGA TRINZA® Injection1

SHAKE VIGOROUSLY for at least 15 seconds1

With the syringe tip pointing up, SHAKE VIGOROUSLY with a loose wrist for at least 15 seconds to ensure a homogeneous suspension.

NOTE: This medication requires longer and more vigorous shaking than the 1-month paliperidone palmitate extended-release injectable suspension.

IMPORTANT: Proceed to the next step immediately after shaking. If more than 5 minutes pass before injection, shake vigorously, with the syringe tip pointing up, again for at least 15 seconds to resuspend the medication.
Check suspension1

After shaking the syringe for at least 15 seconds, check the liquid in the viewing window. The suspension should appear uniform and milky white in color. It is also normal to see small air bubbles.

Open the INVEGA TRINZA® needle pouch and remove cap1

First, open needle pouch by peeling the cover back halfway. Place on a clean surface.

Then, holding the syringe upright, twist and pull the rubber cap to remove.

Grasp needle pouch1

Fold back needle cover and plastic tray. Then, firmly grasp the needle sheath through the pouch, as shown.

Attach needle1

With your other hand, hold the syringe by the Luer connection and attach it to the safety needle with a gentle clockwise twisting motion.

Do not remove the pouch until the syringe and needle are securely attached.

Remove needle sheath1

Pull the needle sheath away from the needle in a straight motion.

Do not twist the sheath, as this may loosen the needle from the syringe.

Remove air bubbles1

Hold the syringe upright and tap gently to make any air bubbles rise to the top.

Remove air by pressing the plunger rod upward carefully until a drop of liquid comes out of the needle tip.


Inject dose1

Slowly inject the entire contents of the syringe intramuscularly, deep into the selected deltoid or gluteal muscle.

Do not administer by any other route.

After INVEGA TRINZA® Injection1

Secure needle1

After the injection is complete, use your thumb or a flat surface to secure the needle in the safety device.

The needle is secure when a “click” sound is heard.

Dispose properly1

Dispose of the syringe and unused needle in an approved Sharps Container.

IMPORTANT: Thin wall safety needles are designed specifically for use with INVEGA TRINZA®. Unused needle should be discarded and not saved for future use.

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