Administer Every 3 Months1


With the Tip Pointing Up, Shake Syringe Vigorously for At Least 15 Seconds1


For intramuscular injection only.

Do not administer by any other route.1


Important Administration Information


  • INVEGA TRINZA® should be administered by a healthcare professional as a single injection. DO NOT divide dose into multiple injections
  • INVEGA TRINZA® is intended for intramuscular use only. Inject slowly, deep into the muscle, taking care to avoid injection into a blood vessel
  • Read complete instructions prior to use


This medication should be administered once every 3 months.

Thin wall safety needle selection1

  • Thin wall safety needles are designed to be used with INVEGA TRINZA®. Therefore, it is important to only use the needles provided in the INVEGA TRINZA® kit


  • Peel off tab label from the syringe and place in patient record
  • INVEGA TRINZA® requires longer and more vigorous shaking than INVEGA SUSTENNA® (1-month paliperidone palmitate extended-release injectable suspension). Shake the syringe vigorously, with the syringe tip pointing up, for at least 15 seconds within 5 minutes prior to administration
Reference: 1. INVEGA TRINZA® [prescribing information]. Titusville, NJ: Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; January 2019.